AlsterAero was founded in Hamburg, Germany, to design innovative InFlight Entertainment (IFE) and InFlight Connectivity (IFC) and Cabin Management Systems (CMS) by bringing together modern and proven technologies as well as state of the art design.

We are focusing on privat jets and planes of smaller Airlines. With our products and devices passengers are able to use the same ways of comunication as they are used to on ground - e.g. internet and telephone. They can also select their individual entertainment program by using the video-on-demand-feature or any similar funcitions like audio stream.

AlsterAero develops systems of high integrity to keep weight and size as low as possible. This keeps operational costs low. The modular architecture of our system allows to run our system highly economical even in smaller planes. Another focus of our development lies in concipating, designing and customizing a very intuitive and simple user interface.

Our Team is composed from experts of comunication technology and entertainment systems. Together with our customers we are able to develop any possible solution for individual requirements.