Wellcome at AlsterAero

AlsterAero is the only manufacturer, who offers a fully integrated system for entertainment, communication and cabin management, based on a Ethernet network. The unique modular structure of our self-developed components and its software makes the system flexible and adaptable to our customers needs and easy scalable in the number of seats. The high number of interfaces of our devices makes our system compatible for third party equipment.

The cascadable server NVSU lies at the heart of Audio and Video On Demand. Our displays can be integrated into seats and armrest or wall mounted and are leaving no wish unanswered.

Our products IPCTU, CLTU, WBS and EPA are building the base for passenger communication: Internet or Fax are as easy realized as the integration of corded or cordless telephones or laptops.

Cabin Management
All functionalities of the Cabin Management can be controlled by our PCU or the OCP. The infrastructure for this is created by the NDPU and affiliated components.




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European Business Aviation Association